Skype lessons

One lesson = 60 minutes (20 EUR)

Learning the grammar rules, expand your vocabulary, boost your reading and listening skills are activities that you can do even alone, if you are brave, resourceful and independent enough. Just consider using the materials I´m providing you. My YouTube channel is full of grammar videos. You can also buy Grammar exercise eBooks on 10 different topics from my online shop. I´m sure, your reading and listening skills as well as your vocabulary will significantly improve after completing the Video lessons or the Listening comprehension exercises that are also available at the online shop.

There is one skill though, that cannot be improved alone. The speaking skill. You need other people or at least another person to talk to. So,

  • if you are not surrounded by native Hungarians whom you can regularly practice the language with
  • if you want to overcome the fear of speaking Hungarian
  • if you think your are timid and you want to reinforce your self-confidence
  • if you want to improve your vocabulary and your pronunciation
  • if you want to have a fun while learning

don´t hesitate to contact me and let´s start to chat!

The conversation classes are the most suitable for students from level A2 on. On A2 level you can make simple sentences, you can introduce yourself, talk about your family, your hobbies and about your daily routine. You can apply basic sentences when go shopping or running errands. You are able to understand simple commands and requests. You can answer basic questions.

We are not going to learn or practice any grammar, we are just talking about a certain topic, while improving your vocabulary and developing / reinforcing your communication skills.

Do you want to give it a try? Fill in the form below to contact me and get more information. Please, let me know why do you want to take conversation classes and ask all your questions regarding the classes – BE BRAVE! I would be delighted to read your lines in Hungarian.