Types of educational materials

Types of educational materials in the webshop

  • Cheat sheets
  • Flashcards
  • Grammar eBooks
  • Listening comprehension eBooks
  • Conjugation and Grammar tables

Cheat sheets

Learning with these nicely illustrated PDFs is fast and so much fun. Boost your vocabulary in the most common conversation topics: Family, Health, Weather, Free time, Appearance, Cooking and much more. Sample pages

For visual learners and for those who love the nicely illustrated learning materials.


Flashcards are a great resource for language learning. The more you see and use a flashcard, the more likely, that the given word will move to your long-term memory. Do you have smaller children? Involve them in your learning process. Cut the flashcards together, let them play with the cards or let them help you learning. You can have so much fun together while using these cards. Each Flashcard package includes extra exercise sheets. Sample pages

Don´t be afraid to be a child again. Games make language learning extremely enjoyable, and language learning adds a whole new nuance to playing games.

Listening comprehension eBooks

Struggling with understanding native Hungarians? Do you have difficulties with pronunciation and have a feeling that you will never make a correct Hungarian sentence? In these eBooks, you will find short and easy audios and texts full of useful words and expressions that will help you to build your own sentences with much more confidence. Tapescripts are also included, so you can read the given text along while listening. Test your understanding! The eBooks contain a wide variety of exercises related to the core text. With Answer key. Sample pages

Talk like a native. Learn to listen. Improve your pronunciation.

Grammar eBooks

Puzzled by the definitive and indefinite conjugation? Írok vagy írom, olvasod vagy olvasol? Confused by the verbal prefixes? Felmegy – Átmegy – Bemegy? OMG! What´s the difference? These eBooks are packed with various grammar practice activities that help you to reinforce and deepen your knowledge in the given topic. No level limitation. These eBooks are useful from beginner to advanced level. Answer key is included. Sample pages

Practice makes perfect – Gyakorlat teszi a mestert. Master the Hungarian grammar with these eBooks.

Conjugation and Grammar tables

Compact grammar tables on a specific grammar topic. Clear structure, easy to use, very handy. Learn the conjugation of the 16 most common irregular verbs and get to know more about the Hungarian Place adverbials. With lots of examples. Sample pages

A really useful summary of certain grammar topics that give headaches to lots of students.